The Aether, with magical fields bending in, building the Aetherial Barrier.

The Aether is an endless plane composed of an energy force known as Magic. In the center of the Aether, past the Aetherial Barrier, is Dawn, the spherical plane of mortal life.

Plane DetailsEdit

The Aetherial plane is infinitely expanding and producing Magic.

In the center of the Aether is the spherical plane of Dawn, the heart of the Aether.

Aetherial BarrierEdit

The Aetherial Barrier is a complex barrier formed by Magic being pulled to the Aetherions that shape the barrier itself. Because Aetherions possess a natural Magical Vortex, Magic is pulled to the Aetherial particles, forming a natural magical barrier. Because the Aether is infinetly expanding, the Aetherial Barrier continues to pull Magic, strengthening the barrier.

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